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Pen and paper provide almost equal affordance to both textual and graphical expression, often in a fully-integrated fashion. Architectural sketchbooks often contain both in balance. Design dialogs between designers, between design mentors and students, and between designers and clients often consist of both drawings and words, in close relationship to each other. Unfortunately, the web, while graphically rich as a reading environment, is heavily biased towards text when it comes to informal expression such as that which occurs in bulletin boards, in exchanges between collaborators, or in mentoring. As a domain of creation, HTML forms in a web page provide support for text input, option selection, and file uploading, but (at least until HTML 5 arrives) no support for graphical interaction. At the same time, paradigms for mixed-mode conversations and exchanges are limited or absent. The “Tracery” project aims to (1) provide a simple web-based mechanism analogous to an HTML TEXTAREA for displaying and creating graphics, and (2) explore website navigation, layout, and organization strategies which support mixed-mode applications, from note-taking to feedback on visual homework, to collaborative design exchange.
    • 2.10.2012 - DMG members present various projects from the recent past, including Aperactive ,... •
    • 11.15.2010 - Brian R Johnson will speak on " Tracery : Enabling Informal Mixed-mode Expression... •

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