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Mark D Gross
Mark D. Gross codirected the Design Machine Group from its birth in 2000 until he left in 2004. Gross held adjunct positions in the Departments of Landscape Architecture, Urban Design and Planning, and Computer Science and Engineering.

He holds a BS in Architectural Design and Ph.D. in Design Theory and Methods, both from MIT. He joined the UW in 1999 after nine years at the University of Colorado, where he developed an undergraduate design computing curriculum, and co-founded the Sundance Lab for Computing in Design and Planning. Previously he worked at The MIT Architecture Machine Group, the MIT Logo Lab, and Atari Cambridge Research.
    10.03.2003 - 10.04.2003 - Mark D Gross presents an invited lecture, "The Legacy of Rittel: toward a science... 7.17.2002 - In Matsue, Japan Mark D Gross gives keynote address at Software Symposium, a Japanese... 8.7.2000 - Mark D Gross presents at 'Collective Creativity Workshop' in Kyoto, Japan, hosted...
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