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Doddy Samiaji
Doddy Samiaji holds a bachelor of architecture from ITB, Bandung. He taught architecture studios in ITB while working as a research staff in Center for Urban Design Studies, ITB. Prior to taking the M.Arch and Urban Design Certificate here in UW, he joined Development Design Group in Baltimore, MD, delivering UD projects in Asia, US and the Middle East. Currently he serves as a graduate staff assistant for UW Libraries working on the Information Literacy Learning Project.

His main research at the DMG is 'Development Simulator', a design tool for architects, urban designers an developers. The project will serve as a decision support, thinking tool and design tool for these parties. It investigates the 'measurable criteria, which lies behind urban design projects, how to orchestrate and optimize them.

Lastly, Doddy's main interest are creations of design tools for the built environment, the world of teaching and learning and architectural photography.
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