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title: deliver E room : a new physical space for the residential units to come
author(s): Luis Fernando Borrero
reference: Department of Architecture, University of Washington, 2001 [pdf]
The need to allocate vendors of the 13th century castles gave origin to a large
hall where all could gather,work and sleep.The need of iceboxes to be
constantly replenished in the early 20th century gave origin to the ice/service
entrance in many houses.In the 1950 s the milkman model brought also the milk-
box,a unit to be installed or built into customer s homes.
Once again,deliveries will influence the architecture of the households,fueled
this time by the e-commerce economy.Soon,a new appliance that will enable
the unattended delivery of physical goods is going to be part of future
households,and architects will have to plan ahead in order to accommodate this necessity of the Internet world. The space for this appliance, the deliverEroom,will have to be accessible from
the interior and exterior of the house,allow enough capacity for the appliance
that must accommodate most if not all deliveries,and access to it will most
probably be controlled through the Net.
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