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title: Catalyst Proposal: Toward a Center for the Science of Design Learning
author(s): Michael Atwood, Mark D Gross, Kate McCain, Anders Mrch
reference: proposal to NSF's "sciences of learning" initiative, 2003 [pdf]
Our vision is to develop a common and learnable understanding of design that can be applied across domains. Researchers and practitioners in the artificial sciences will share this understanding, in much the same way that researchers and practitioners in the natural sciences share a common definition of scientific method. This shared understanding will enable researchers and practitioners to more effectively collaborate to build complex artifacts, as well as enable educators to better teach students to be more effective in solving design problems.

We believe that there is a science of design that has yet to emerge from the many views that exist today. We further believe that understanding that science will enable the artificial sciences to better educate problem solvers.
To establish the organizational and intellectual capital needed to define a Science of Design Learning Center, this Catalyst project consists of four primary activities further mapping the design community, bringing that community together, conducting limited research and education pilot programs, and designing the Science of Design Learning Center.
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