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title: Tracking the move: Experimentation of a computational method for studying environment and pedestrian movement relationships in urban places
author(s): Preechaya Therakomen
reference: M Arch thesis proposal, 2000 [html] [pdf]
This research thesis attempts to use computer technology in urban studies to understand how
culture and society are embedded specific relational patterns that constitute the architecture of urban space. A successful urban space is used space, and most urban space use is movement. Therefore, the main purpose of the thesis is to propose a computational method that is used to study pedestrian movement in small urban spaces, in order to provoke a sense of people-place awareness for architects and urban designers during the designing. The understanding of pedestrian and environment relationships will lead the designers to create a better urban place where social life --contacting between people-- can be stimulated. The thesis, then, presents a sample experimentation of how this proposed method can be implemented.
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