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title: Per-pixel Data Acquisition with High Dynamic Range Photography
author(s): Mehlika Inanici
reference: International Commission on Illumination (CIE) 2005 Conference, 2005 [pdf]
Recognizing the need for a tool that can capture the luminance values within a large field of view at a high resolution with a quick and inexpensive method, High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography technique has been evaluated. In HDR Photography, multiple exposure photographs are taken to capture the wide luminance variation within a scene. These photographs are used to automatically recover the camera response curve, and then used to fuse the multiple photographs into a single HDR image. Laboratory and field studies have shown that the pixel values in the HDR photographs can correspond to the physical quantity of luminance with reasonable precision and repeatability. The resultant HDR images are very useful for qualitative and quantitative lighting analysis since they can be post-processed with per-pixel data analysis techniques.
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