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title: Exploring Design Shapes with Geometry
author(s): Golnaz Mohammadi
reference: UW Thesis archives, 2004 [pdf]
This thesis presents a collection of geometric shapes and patterns produced with simple programming codes. The codes employ algorithms that define shapes through mathematical equations. Altering or modifying the numeric values and basic variables in the algorithm generate a variety of geometric forms.

To enable designers/architects to understand and explore geometric shape generation easily, a catalog of shapes with their numeric values and generating algorithm was complied. This catalog provides an easy navigator through the design space of interesting geometric patterns. The numeric values provided in the catalog for each shape may be used as a reference for producing similar shapes.

The architects and designers have been using geometric shapes or patterns that may be valuable in their architectural design process. This thesis gives a brief review of various architectural examples from different eras and cultures to demonstrate the rules of geometry in architectural design. This also sets the background and rationale for exploring geometry algorithmically.

The programming codes are saved and archived in the Processing environment for generating geometric shapes at a later time. The generated shapes can be saved as image files such as tiff or jpeg files, or saved as animated java applets for later manipulation. Mathematical equations are used in the codes to produce interesting geometric shapes.

Finally, a collection of generated shapes was used for design of a library. The generated shapes were used as the pattern for floor plan layouts. The generated shapes and patterns were also used for interior building design, such as tiling pattern window details.
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