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title: EVAL: A Web-based Design Review System
author(s): Brian R Johnson, Branko Kolarevic
reference: ACADIA, 'Media and Design Process', proceedings of ACADIA 1999, Snowbird, Utah Ocober 29-31, 1999 pp30-39., 1999 [pdf]
The Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture (ACADIA) recently conducted a design competition in which design projects were presented using web sites. As a consequence it was not necessary to co-locate reviewers in order to view submissions. Since the proposals took the form of web sites, it seemed appropriate to use the web as the medium for conducting the review. The review thus became and opportunity to explore online design studio review strategies as well as competition issues. As there were over 600 entries in the competition, each of which was to be reviewed by at least three reviewers, the review process presented certain logistical challenges that might not pertain to a 'normal' design studio. Using a globally-distributed review panel and jury meant that synchronous review of projects would not be possible, and that face-to-face interaction between jurors would be lost.

This paper describes the review system which was developed to address this need. It also profiles the conduct of the review itself, and offers some observations about performance, ergonomics and related design issues for future efforts.
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