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title: Simulating Visual Comfort and Energy Performance of Organic Energy Harvesting Electrochromic Windows (EH-ECWs) in Mid-Size Commercial Office Buildings
author(s): Amanda Bruot and Chris Meek
reference: ACSA Conference, 2012
An interdisciplinary research group including faculty from the College of Engineering and the College of Built Environments at the University of Washington (UW) in Seattle is developing a new generation of organic energy harvesting electrochromic windows (EH-ECWs) based on recently developed organic conjugated polymers and switchable dye technology. EH-ECWs offer the potential for substantial energy saving and increased visual comfort in buildings. This paper describes work undertaken by the Department of Architecture to simulate the potential performance of EH-ECWs and to begin to develop optimum deployment strategies of EH-ECWs in existing and new commercial office buildings. This includes simulation using a code compliant Department of Energy (DOE) reference model and "high-performance" building model with EH-ECW window technology in four climate zones, across the following parameters: net site energy consumption, thermal performance, and the on-site power generation potential of energy-harvesting organic photovoltaics. A pilot assessment of visual comfort using a contemporary net-zero commercial office building design as a test case was also conducted.
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