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title: Development Of a Case Study: 'Multi-Site' On The World Wide Web
author(s): Brian R Johnson and Marietta Millet
reference: CAADRIA, proceedings of Computer Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia (CAADRIA 1998), Osaka University, Osaka, JAPAN, April 22-24, 1998 pp223-232, 1998 [pdf]
Seeking to enhance the availability and quality of architectural case studies, we examine the web, believing that it may help to simplify authorship, distribution, and navigation of a catalog of case studies. A disk-based multi-media prototype from an earlier effort has been converted to the web and generalized to create a template. Warehousing and navigation of multiple case studies forms the main focus of the current project. Two existing models. monolithic web sites and web rings, are considered and rejected. A third approach is developed which promises to provide a low-budget low-overhead infrastructure within which to house an indefinite number of case studies, while permitting free-form browsing of the collection. The approach which we have developed creates what we call a 'multi-site'.
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