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title: MUD: Exploring Tradeoffs In Urban Design
author(s): Laura Parker, Ame Elliott, and Mark D Gross
reference: CAAD Futures, Proceedings of CAAD Futures 1997 Conference, Munich, Germany August 4-6,1997 pp373-388, 1997 [html] [pdf]
The design of cities and neighborhoods involves multiple stakeholders with various agendas, each comprising multiple criteria. Any design proposal will rank differently against each stakeholder's agenda, and effective participatory design requires that stakeholder interests are mutually understood and negotiated. We describe a program to promote this understanding and negotiation among stakeholders, called MUD, that enables each stakeholder to articulate their criteria for judging designs, to make design proposals, and to score designs against the criteria. By enabling stakeholders with different values and different areas of expertise to exchange design proposals and agendas we hope to foster understanding and stimulate negotiation.
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