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title: Resolving archaeological site data with 3D computer modeling: Thecase of Ceren
author(s): Jenniffer Lewin and Mark D Gross
reference: "Design Computation: Collaboration, Reasoning, Pedagogy"proceedings of ACADIA 1996, Tucson, AZ, USA pp 255-266, 1996 [pdf]
This paper reports on our experience working with a team of anthropologists to construct three-dimensional computer
graphic models of Ceren, an archaeological site in western El Salvador, using inexpensive hardware and software. In
constructing the model we discovered various ambiguities and inconsistencies in the raw site data and drawings we were
provided. We resolved these problems by analysis and reinterpretation of the data, working closely with our
archaeologist collaborator. What began as a simple exercise in rendering developed into a collaborative research effort
to understand and interpret the source data. The process of computer modeling forced us to re-examine, analyze and
interpret the information from the site.
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